Project X are a highly accomplished and experienced band covering some classic songs from some classic bands including Genesis, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, The Who, Jethro Tull and many more

Bob Connell – Keyboards, Vocal

Hails from - Gorleston-on-Sea

First band – Mr Do - 1987

Band before PX – Mother Black Cap

Desert island album - Travelogue - Joni Mitchell

Top Bands - ELP, Focus, Pat Metheny Group

Biggest Influences - Lyle Mays, Rick Wakeman, 

Greg Rolie 

Currently listening to - Nights on Earth - Vince Mendoza 

Uses - Roland VR760, VR09 V-combo, Privia PX3 Piano, Roland Juno D

Neil Holmes – Drums

Hails from - Gorleston-on-Sea

First band – Blackwall Reach - 1983

Band before PX – Mother Black Cap

Desert island album - Dark Side of the Moon, PF

Top Bands - Genesis, Pink Floyd, Simple Minds, Santana, King Crimson, Supertramp, The Who plus a little Swing/Big Band behind closed doors

Biggest Influences - Phil Collins, Mel Gaynor, Bill Bruford, Buddy Rich 

Currently listening to - Frampton Comes Alive

Uses - Tama Starclassic, Tama Hardware, Paiste 2002 cymbals, Evans heads, Vic Firth sticks

David (Dins) Newson – Bass, Guitars and Vocal

Hails from - Great Yarmouth 

First band – Megatron - 1978

Band before PX – Mother Black Cap

Desert island album - Five Leaves Left - Nick Drake

Top Bands - Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Focus, Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Knig Crimson, Kraftwerk, Sex Pistols

Biggest Influences - Other local musicians 

Currently listening to - Desert Island Discs archive

Uses - Squire PB, Yamaha APX 700, TC Electronics Combo, plus Marshall AS100D with acoustic duo 

Martin Nico – Guitar, Keyboards

Hails from - Bradwell, Great Yarmouth

First band – Aslan, 1982

Band before PX – Mother Black Cap

Desert island album – V, Spocks Beard

Top bands – Focus, Camel, Spocks Beard, Pink Floyd

Most influence – Andy Latimer, Neil Morse

Currently listening too – Von Hertzen Brothers

Uses – Gibson Les Paul, Fender Strat, Crafter SA 12 String, Burman Amps, Boss Effects, Shite Shirts

Chris Smalley – Vocals, Percussion, Bass

Hails from - Peterborough

First band – Prussian Blue, 1970

Band before PX – Stealer

Desert island album – Fragile, Yes

Top bands – Saga, Yes, Transatlantic, Toto, Genesis

Most influence – David Coverdale, Paul Kossoff,

Currently listening too – Lifesigns

Uses – Shure Beta Wireless, Boss VE20, Tama Timbales, Mr. Bounce, Warwick Rock Bass, 

Epiphone EJ200 plus Marshall AS100D with acoustic duo